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Unleash Your Creativity and Celebrate with Point Studio Art

At Point Studio Art, we are all about creating unforgettable moments filled with laughter, inspiration, and hands-on creativity. Step into our vibrant and professional studio, where we host private printmaking parties and offer a diverse range of engaging experiences. From screen-printing, block-printing and sublimation printing, to cyanotype printing our skilled artist and instructor (Sara) will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a fun-filled and creative adventure. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a unique artistic experience, our warm and inviting environment is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild. Join us at Point Studio Art and unlock your creative potential in an atmosphere brimming with joy, artistry, and endless possibilities. Don't worry! No artistic background or skills needed. Just be open to try something unique and creative!

Let the celebration begin!

Where We Are Located

Located at 605 Boardwalk Blvd, Bossier City, Louisiana, Point Studio Art brings a unique art experience to the renowned Boardwalk Outlets. Amidst the bustling outdoor mall, we offer a vibrant and inviting space where you can shop, dine, and now, unleash your creativity. Join us for private printmaking parties, explore diverse art techniques, and create cherished memories in the heart of Boardwalk Outlets. Experience the joy of art as you immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of this beloved destination.


Immerse yourself in the art of textile printing at Point Studio Art. Explore screen-printing, block-printing, Cyanotype printing, and sublimation printing techniques to create personalized, vibrant designs on a range of fabric-made products. Unleash your creativity and embrace the magic of textile printing with us.

What Is Printmaking?

Printmaking is an exciting and versatile artistic medium that allows you to create multiple reproductions of original artwork. At Point Studio Art, we celebrate the art of printmaking by offering engaging and hands-on experiences. Through various techniques such as screen-printing, block-printing, cyanotype printing, and sublimation printing.

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