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At Point Studio Art, we provide unique and creative experiences for all age groups and interests! Our booking process is designed to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for our valued guests. Please read the following information regarding our offerings, our events, booking options, prices, and arrangements.


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To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable experience, we kindly request that all events be booked at least 2 days in advance. This allows our hosts to consider the necessary arrangements and preparations, ensuring that everything is perfectly organized to greet you and your guests. The duration of each event varies depending on the type of event you are planning.

The cost per person will vary ranging from $35-$65 (excluding the workshops and classes) depending on the type of experience you choose. Please view each event's detail  to find out more about pricing per person.

Print Parties

Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion or host a creative gathering? Look no further than our print parties! We offer a variety of printmaking party options that are perfect for all ages and interests. We will guide you through the process and provide all the materials you need to create your own original handmade prints, which you can take it home.

Prices vary based on the technique and product you choose! Click on this link to view the price list. 

Duration: 2 Hours

Weekly Recurring Special Events

Step into a world of endless creativity and vibrant experiences with our Weekly Recurring Special Events. Discover a diverse array of engaging activities that bring art, laughter, and community together. Whether you're looking to unleash your inner artist, embark on unique themed adventures, or create lasting memories, our special events offer something extraordinary every week.

Create-Your-Own Prints

Unleash your artistic potential with our "Create-your-own prints" experience! Choose from a variety of printmaking techniques like screen printing, block printing, and sublimation printing. Get ready to transform fabric-based products such as t-shirts, scarves, tote bags, and more into personalized works of art. Our expert instructor will guide you every step of the way, sharing their knowledge and ensuring your confidence throughout the creative process. With their support, you'll create stunning custom prints that reflect your unique style and creativity.

Team Building Events

Ignite collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie with our transformative Team Building Events. At Point Studio Art, we believe in the power of shared experiences to strengthen bonds and enhance teamwork. Our tailor-made activities are designed to foster communication, problem-solving, and innovation, all while enjoying a dynamic artistic journey together. Whether you're looking to inspire your team, celebrate achievements, or cultivate a united spirit, our Team Building Events offer a unique blend of artistry and connection that will leave a lasting impact on your group.

Interactive School Programs

Point Studio Art is schools' premier destination for elevating educational encounters within the Shreveport/Bossier region's art landscape. Through our innovative printmaking workshops and captivating field trips, students embark on a journey of creative discovery while honing essential skills. Our workshops align seamlessly with curricula across subjects, enhancing learning outcomes for all grade levels – from first graders to pre-college students. Unveil the possibilities of our diverse school programs and accessible pricing by contacting us at info@pointstudioart.com or 818.928.9205. At Point Studio Art, we're dedicated to crafting meaningful, curriculum-enhancing experiences that inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impact.

Printmaking Workshops
& Classes

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced printmaker, our workshops & classes offer a chance to learn new techniques and develop your skills. We cover a range of interests, from block printing and screen-printing on fabric to experimental cyanotype printmaking. We provide all the materials, guide you through every step of the process, and create a space for you to connect with fellow printmaking enthusiasts. Our options include single sessions, multi-day workshops, specialty workshops, and private/custom workshops, with prices ranging from $80 to $300 per person. Join us for engaging workshops throughout the year, or if you have a group, inquire about booking a private workshop. Embrace the world of printmaking and unleash your creative potential with us.

Shop Original Hand-Printed Products and Artworks

In addition to our engaging events and workshops, we offer a diverse selection of original hand-printed products and artworks. All our items are custom-designed and made in the highest quality, reflecting the artistic craftsmanship of our talented team. You can explore and purchase our unique creations both online and at our studio. We take pride in offering a range of options to suit your individual taste and style.
Furthermore, if you have a special project in mind, you can even commission us to create a unique and custom-designed piece. Simply discuss your ideas with our talented artist, Sara, and together we will bring your vision to life.

What Is Printmaking?

Printmaking is an exciting and versatile artistic medium that allows you to create multiple reproductions of original artwork. At Point Studio Art, we celebrate the art of printmaking by offering engaging and hands-on experiences. Through various techniques such as screen-printing, block-printing, and sublimation printing.


Screen-Printing on Fabric

Printmaking is an exciting and versatile artistic medium that allows you to create multiple reproductions of original artwork. At Point Studio Art, we celebrate the art of printmaking by offering engaging and hands-on experiences. Through various techniques such as screen-printing, block-printing, and sublimation printing.

Block-Printing on Fabric

Block-printing is a captivating and centuries-old technique that allows you to create beautiful, intricate designs on fabric. At Point Studio Art, we invite you to delve into the art of block-printing and experience the joy of this hands-on process. Here's how it works: a hand-carved block is dipped in ink and pressed onto fabric, leaving behind a stunning pattern. The versatility of block-printing allows you to explore various textures, colors, and designs, making each creation truly unique. Our expert instructor will guide you in the art of block-printing, sharing tips and techniques to achieve crisp, detailed prints on fabric.

Sublimation-Printing on Fabric

Sublimation printing is an innovative technique that offers endless possibilities for creating vibrant, full-color designs on fabric. At Point Studio Art, we invite you to explore the magic of sublimation printing and discover a whole new level of creative expression. Here's how it works: using heat and pressure, special sublimation inks are transformed into a gas that bonds with the fibers of the fabric, resulting in permanent, vivid prints. This process allows for exceptional color accuracy and sharpness, giving your designs a professional and eye-catching finish. Our knowledgeable instructor will guide you through the world of sublimation printing, sharing techniques to achieve stunning, fade-resistant results on various fabric surfaces.

Cyanotype Printing on Fabric & Paper

Cyanotype Printing is a technique that beautifully blends art and science, resulting in exquisite blue-hued prints. Harnessing the power of a UV exposure unit, this captivating alternative photographic process involves coating paper or fabric with light-sensitive chemicals. As you arrange objects or negatives atop the treated surface, the UV light works its magic, leaving behind intricate blue and white compositions. Our hands-on workshop delves into this historical method, guiding you through the process of creating visually stunning images that carry a touch of both the past and the present.

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